Rajasthan Board Syllabus 2024: Download PDF

Ever wonder what you need to study to ace your Rajasthan Board exams? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled the latest syllabus for the Rajasthan Board 2024 exams so you know exactly what to expect. This syllabus contains details about each subject’s units, topics, and chapters that will be covered in the board exams. Download the PDF and keep it handy as your go-to study guide. Whether you’ve just started preparing or are in the final stretch of your exam prep, this syllabus will give you an overview of everything you need to study to score high on your Rajasthan Board exams. So stop stressing and start planning — download the syllabus now and get ready to crush your Rajasthan Board exams!

Rajasthan Board Syllabus for Class 10th (Secondary) 2024

The syllabus for Class 10th students under the Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education (RBSE) in 2024 will cover a range of important subjects. To prepare for your board exams, focus on the key areas of each subject outlined below:

•English: You’ll study prose, poetry, grammar, and composition. Read the texts thoroughly and practice comprehension exercises. Brush up on spelling, vocabulary, and parts of speech. Work on developing your writing skills through letters, stories, and essays.

•Mathematics: The syllabus covers algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and statistics. Solve plenty of problems to get quick at calculations and understanding concepts like linear equations, triangles, and probability. Use visual models and examples to understand theorems and formulas.

•Science: The syllabus includes physics, chemistry, and biology. Do experiments to understand scientific methods and theories. Memorize the periodic table, human anatomy, and laws of motion. Study current events relating to the environment, technology, and health.

•Social Science: This covers history, geography, economics, and political science. Focus on important events, dates, places, and people in Indian and world history. Learn geographical terms and how to read maps. Discuss how societies function and interact.

•Hindi: Practice grammar, reading comprehension, and writing in Hindi. Translate sentences between Hindi and English. Read stories, poems, essays, and plays to analyze language and themes.

With hard work and the right preparation, you can feel ready to succeed in your Class 10th board exams. Stay focused, ask questions, and don’t hesitate to get extra help from teachers or tutors if there are any areas you find challenging. You’ve got this! Best of luck.

Rajasthan Board Syllabus for Class 12th (Senior Secondary) Science Stream 2024

So you’ve decided to pursue the Science stream for your Senior Secondary education. Excellent choice! The Rajasthan Board Syllabus for Class 12th Science will provide you a solid foundation in scientific concepts and prepare you for a career in engineering, medicine, or research.

The syllabus includes three compulsory subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Mathematics. For Physics, you’ll learn about mechanics, electromagnetism, optics, and modern physics. Chemistry covers organic, inorganic, physical, and analytical chemistry. In Biology, you’ll study diversity in living organisms, structural organization in plants and animals, genetics, evolution, and ecology. Alternatively, you can choose Mathematics, which includes calculus, algebra, trigonometry, and statistics.

In addition to the core subjects, you’ll have a range of elective subjects to choose from like Computer Science, Agriculture, Psychology, Geology, and Home Science. The electives you choose depend on your interests and future career plans.

The syllabus is designed to give you a strong conceptual understanding and experimental skills. You’ll perform many engaging experiments and activities in well-equipped school laboratories. Teachers will encourage interactive learning through discussions, presentations, and project work.

With hard work and consistent practice of sample papers and previous years’ question papers, you’ll gain knowledge and confidence to excel in the final exams. The Rajasthan Board Senior Secondary Science syllabus will prepare you for exciting new frontiers in higher education. Put in your best effort, ask questions, and don’t be afraid to explore all your options. The possibilities ahead are endless!

Rajasthan Board Syllabus for Class 12th (Senior Secondary) Commerce Stream 2024

The Rajasthan Board syllabus for Class 12 Commerce stream focuses on business, accountancy, and economics. Students can choose from subjects like Business Studies, Accountancy, Economics to build a strong foundation in commerce and prepare for higher studies.

Business Studies

Business Studies aims to provide students an understanding of business concepts and the role of business in society. You’ll learn about entrepreneurship, various types of businesses, marketing, and managing operations. The syllabus covers topics such as:

Forms of business organizations like sole proprietorships, partnerships, and companies.

Functional areas of management including planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling.

Key business concepts such as demand and supply, production, costs, competition, and market structures.


Accountancy helps students develop skills in financial accounting and cost accounting. The syllabus focuses on:

Basic accounting concepts and conventions

Recording of business transactions

Preparation of financial statements like income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement

Ratio analysis to evaluate business performance

Cost accounting methods to determine cost of production


Economics provides an overview of key economic theories and concepts. Students will learn about:

Demand and supply analysis to understand the market mechanism

National income accounting and measures of economic performance

Types of economies like capitalist, socialist and mixed economies

Government policies such as fiscal and monetary policy

Challenges faced by the Indian economy like poverty, unemployment, economic growth, and sustainable development.

The Rajasthan Board Class 12 syllabus for Commerce stream offers a well-rounded course preparing students for undergraduate degrees in business, commerce, and economics. With the right focus and guidance, students can excel in their board exams and build a strong foundation for their future endeavors.

Rajasthan Board Syllabus for Class 12th (Senior Secondary) Arts Stream 2024

For those of you in the Arts stream, the Rajasthan Board Syllabus for Class 12th will prepare you for your board exams next year. The syllabus focuses on humanities subjects like History, Geography, Political Science, Sociology, and more.


You’ll study topics from ancient, medieval and modern Indian history as well as world history. Learn about Indus Valley Civilization, Vedic age, Mauryan Empire, Mughal Empire and British rule in India. World history covers events like the French Revolution, World Wars, and rise of communism.


Physical geography examines the Earth, including landforms, climate, water resources, and natural vegetation. Human geography looks at population distribution, economic activities, transport, and communication networks. Study geological time scale, plate tectonics, atmosphere, biosphere, and impact of human activities on the environment.

Political Science

Gain an understanding of the Indian political system, constitutional framework, electoral process, party system, and public policy. Study the dynamics of politics, political theories like liberalism, Marxism and Gandhism. Discuss challenges facing Indian democracy and good governance.


Explore social institutions like family, education and religion. Study social problems in India such as poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, child labor, and gender inequality. Understand concepts like social stratification, culture, social control, and factors of social change. Discuss the application of sociology in social work and administration.


Learn microeconomic concepts like demand, supply, production, costs, market structures, factor pricing, and public finance. In macroeconomics, study national income, inflation, trade cycles, money and banking, economic growth, and Indian economy. Discuss government budget, foreign trade policy, and five-year plans in India.

The Rajasthan Board Syllabus for Class 12th Arts aims to cultivate an understanding of human behavior, social problems, history, geography, economics and civics. Best of luck preparing for your board exams! Let me know if you have any other questions.

How to Download Rajasthan Board Syllabus 2024 PDF

So, you want to get a head start on studying for your Rajasthan Board exams in 2024? Download the syllabus now to see what you’ll be tested on.

Check the Rajasthan Board’s Official Website

The first place to find the 2024 syllabus is rbse.org.in, the official website of the Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education. Go to the ‘Curriculum’ or ‘Syllabus’ section and look for the link to download the PDF for your specific class. The syllabus for each subject will list the units, topics, and subtopics that could appear on your board exams.

Contact your School

If for some reason you can’t access the syllabus on the board’s website, ask your school administrators or teachers for a copy. They should have the 2024 syllabus for the courses they teach. Tell them you want to start preparing early and would appreciate a PDF to study from.

Check other Education Websites

Many Indian education websites and online course providers will also share the Rajasthan Board syllabus for 2024 as soon as it’s released. Sites like IndiaEducation, CBSESyllabus.in and Gradeup are good places to look. They allow you to view and download the syllabus by class and subject.

Start Preparing Now

Once you have the 2024 syllabus in hand, you can get an overview of what you’ll need to study for your board exams. See which areas have the most weightage and which topics you struggle with. Then you can focus your efforts on the important and challenging parts of each course. The key is not to cram at the last minute but start preparing steadily over the next 2-3 years. Follow the syllabus and you’ll do great on your boards!


You now have everything you need to feel fully prepared for the 2024 Rajasthan Board exams. With the syllabus and content guidelines in hand, you’ll know exactly what to focus your studies on over the next year. While the road ahead involves a lot of hard work and dedication, take comfort in knowing that lakhs of students have traveled this path before you and emerged successful on the other side. Stay committed to effective preparation strategies, learn from your mistakes, ask questions when you have them, and maintain a positive mindset. Before you know it, you’ll be sitting in the exam hall, bubbling in answers with confidence, and then celebrating your accomplishments with friends and family. The future is bright – now go out there and make the most of this opportunity! You’ve got this.

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