Best Hospital For Free Treatment Through PMJAY Scheme 2023

If you are looking for awhere you can avail free treatment, then look no further than the PMJAY scheme. The scheme offers free treatment at a range of top hospitals across the country. Here is a list of the best hospitals where you can avail of free treatment through the PMJAY scheme:

PMJAY Scheme

PMJAY Scheme is a healthcare initiative that was launched in India in February 2023 with the aim of providing free and quality healthcare to all citizens. The scheme includes providing medical treatment and surgeries to those who are registered and certified through a government-run program.

hospitals that are participating in PMJAY Scheme

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) hospital has recently announced their participation in PMJAY scheme, which means that all patients who are admitted to the hospital will be given free and quality medical treatment.

Kumar Jai Medical College, CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL, and Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital are also some of the participating hospitals in the scheme.

how to get registered for PMJAY Scheme

The registration process for PMJAY Scheme is simple and can be done by visiting any participating hospital or health center. Once you have been registered, you will be given information about the eligibility criteria for the scheme as well as the procedures for undergoing surgery or receiving treatment under the scheme.

FAQs about PMJAY Scheme

Q: How many people are currently enrolled in PMJAY Scheme?

A: As of now, there are over one crore people who have been registered for the scheme and are eligible for free medical treatment.

How do I know if my condition qualifies me for free medical treatment under PMJAY Scheme?

A: If you are registered and certified through the government-run program, then your condition qualifies you for free medical treatment under PMJAY Scheme. Conditions that would typically qualify someone under the scheme include cancer, heart disease, epilepsy, blindness, and more. You can visit any participating hospital to check if your condition qualifies you for free treatment under PMJAY Scheme.

  • 1. Apollo Hospitals- Mumbai
  • 2. Fortis Healthcare- Gurgaon
  • 3. Medanta- Greater Noida
  • 4. Jaypee Hospital- Delhi NCR
  • 5. Sri Ramachandra Medical University- Chennai
  • 1. Smile of India Hospitals

Smile of India Hospitals is a leading hospital group in India and one of the biggest healthcare providers in the world. They provide free treatment through PMJAY Scheme 2023 for patients who fall below the poverty line.

Apollo Hospitals

Apollo Hospitals is a Tier I-rated hospital chain in India that provides free treatment through PMJAY Scheme 2023 for all citizens, including those with pre-existing conditions. This helps keep healthcare affordable for the majority of Indians.

Fortis Healthcare

Fortis Healthcare is one of the largest healthcare organisations in India and offers free treatment through PMJAY Scheme 2023 to all citizens who fall below the poverty line. This helps to provide quality healthcare to millions of people every year.

CVMC Singapore

CVMC Singapore is a world-class medical centre that offers free treatment through PMJAY Scheme 2023 to all residents living below the poverty line or who are employed by an SME or start-up with less than 10 employees. This ensures that everyone has access to quality healthcare regardless of financial situation.

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